Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mary Young's Christmas in April 1988

Sadly there are no pictures of the actual event to document the occasion but rest assured there was Christmas in April on Wilson Street. I used to hangout at Wayne Young's house on Wilson Street quite a bit, Blaine and I were the only people that didn't live within three blocks of the house. Somehow so much seemed to originate from there and Wayne Sr. (Big Wayne pictured above) and Mary Young were extremely patient and cordial parental hosts. I still owe them about 75 dinners, from mooching them them. Another good reason for me to be there was MTV. Up on the hill, at my house, I had to wait patiently for Friday Night Videos each Friday night just to watch Thriller. Amazingly cable still isn't up on Springhill Drive. But I am off topic.

Mary Young decorated for every holiday they made a card for, but Easter was a close second to Christmas for her. Picture ceramic bunnies, plastic easter eggs, a bushel of green plastic grass that some activist today would be afraid ducks would eat and die. More pastel colors than Don Johnson's Miami Vice wardrobe in seasons 1-2... Mary could really Easter-It up. It all looked great.

Wayne, Jerome and I were just watching TV, no one else was in the house and I just thought how funny it would be for Mary to come home and see Christmas decorations up at Easter. I asked, "Wayne, do you know where the Christmas stuff is?" That's how it started. So the three of us found the decorations: garland, stockings, tinsel, Christmas balls, even a Christmas candy dish, the tree.... writing this I realize that we didn't put it back. Worse, Wayne and I went to work at Frank's and left Jerome to explain the prank. We laughed the whole shift, luckily Mary and Wayne Sr. laughed. And now years later, I can never look at fake green Easter basket grass and not think of Mary Young. Bless her, we (I) were (was) a menace.

At one time Frank's Pizza employed all of the Young's, even Mary's mother.


  1. Would loved to have heard Jerome explaining that one to Mary. But, what I'm stuck on here is...Springhill drive still doesn't have cable?!

  2. KM: No, sadly only Direct TV or the other one can be had on Springhill Drive. I hope Jerome does comment personally on this, he follows it now and sent me a brief note. I want everyone to feel like they can comment and post on here.

  3. Hey there! I'm Mary's grandson, Johnathen. She told me all about this, so last year I thought I'd give her a bit of a nostalgia blast.


    We even changed all the calenders to say December, but I didn't get any pictures of that.

    Thought you might get a kick out of it. :D