Monday, January 10, 2011

Ruminating on a Ski Trip in the Middle of a Snow Storm

I sit and write this while the middle Tennessee area awaits it's second bout of winter. Snow is not greeted well here in Nashville where the real enterprising folks tend to buy a snowplow for their vehicle at Wal-Mart and dig people out of their whole two inches, not claiming it on their taxes either. School may be closed for a week on an inch. But I am getting off topic.
Though not a particularly good skiier, I always enjoyed a good ski trip and there are three that I remember quite well. The first was a church sponsored youth trip to Ski Liberty that brought the Party Crue together and introduced Wayne to Debbie Ehrhart (another time, another story). The second time was a trip to the Poconos with Steve and Frances when they were just friends. Steve broke his thumb on the last run and had to get in the pool at the hotel with his arm wrapped in Saran Wrap. But the third time was on a winter roadtrip to see Jerome Michaut (America's Favorite Foreign Exchange Student, not FES from That '70' s Show) at Frostburg State in winter of 1988. Wayne Young, Karyn Hood and I made the trip in my Dad's Silverado. Somehow no one broke any bones, required crutches or otherwise was left for dead. I remember watching an insane Frenchman look like some stunt double in that John Cusack movie with the dude that played Booger. It started sleeting at Wisp (I think), iced up the lift and I watched Jerome jump about 14 feet away from the drop-off into the snow below. Crazy Frenchman. Somehow we made it down and back to Jerome's apartment.
It remains the one and only time I ever watched an original laser disc system which Jerome had gotten at some yard sale. The only discs that came with it were Tron and Superman I and II. Mind you, everyone was by then into VHS. I wonder if he still has it?! The picture above shows his prized two pellet guns. There is just something about the picture I posted here that makes me question whether we might really have been somewhere in the South. But then again, I look outside and wonder why I ever moved to a warmer climate when we still get all this snow. Damn global warming....or cooling.


  1. Hi, I'm Cyndy, the oldest sister of Jerome's high-school-then-Frostburg girlfriend. Memories of Jerome are always colored with a bit of craziness, indeed! Had to laugh when reading about the laser discs. I salvaged them from my mom's house, claiming because I now live in an old theatre and for some reason think I can claim all things movie related, so they live on (at least in storage). Thank you for your story and great picture!

  2. Thanks for posting Cyndy. You are talking about Sharon, right? I do have some pictures of her with Karyn Hood and Milo (Jerome). Where is the theatre, that sounds cool?